Saving life on this planet
By journeying to another


Arahanga Space is challenging the social constructs that currently define humanity's future. We believe it is possible for humanity to remedy the mistakes of our past and build a better tomorrow.




Closing the Gaps

Several of the causes of the gender wage or earnings gap are believed to be caused by biases and preferences. Much of the force of these come from historic habit. These can be overcome with a long sustained visceral campaign, exactly what a race to Mars will create.

Our campaign will provide representations, role models, examples and counter-examples. Beliefs such as the idea that women don't manage women well in technical environments, need to be over turned.

Structural Change

However, reform of our economy largely misses the mark by aiming for gender parity amongst employees and management. Real change occurs when women own large infrastructure companies in sectors such as transport, energy or telecommunications. 

It is very difficult for new entrants in current industries to break in, but out in space there are no existing companies yet, no entrenched concerns to overcome. The companies that will fill space twenty years from now are being founded now.

Earth Protection

Space travel has always been integral to protecting the Earth. Our conception of the single planetary biosphere that we all depend on was catalysed to a great extent by the Apollo Missions, notably two famous photos that changed our perception of ourselves forever, Earthrise and Blue Marble.

Travelling to Mars will help us understand our planet and protect it from us in the near term, and from external threats like asteroids in the long term. It might very well turn out that it is impossible to protect our planet and its multitude of species without knowledge and resources exclusively available in space.

Indigenous Inclusion

The gaps society needs to close aren't restricted to gender. As we move into the space age it is imperative that all of humanity can make the journey. For Arahanga this mean having a deep integration of Maori language art and ethos in all of our endeavours.