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Our Bridge to a Future
with no gender gap

A coalition of female engineers in Aotearoa racing to be the first to put people on Mars


Why all Women?


The gender gap is getting worse

As per the latest global gender gap report it would take another 217 years to close the gender gap. Current attempts to socially engineer more even diversity have largely plateaued.

The reasons for this are myriad and hard to test for. However nearly all proposed reasons, but especially unconscious biases, and preferences can be challenged with a single unique project.

We say, what if we build a company run and managed by women. What if the company is a major multinational all female space corporation with a sole goal of building a whole new world on Mars.

We will establish a new precedent, proving that women are the equal of men, and showing women that the doors are in fact now open to them. The process of a decade long quest, highly visible on television and social media, will reprogram biases worldwide.


Why Mars

To change cultural gender biases forever we will show that women are capable of performing at the outer limits of human achievement. The current benchmark for this is human exploration and settlement of new planets.

No other technical endeavour is as demanding on individuals, teams, or organisations. If we can show woman succeeding here, then we demonstrate a level beyond the needs of all other industries.


Why Aotearoa?

Why have we chosen a small island in the middle of a huge ocean to build rockets? Aotearoa has a range of important economic, cultural and strategic advantages that together may give Arahanga an edge in the race.

Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard

Political Culture

Aotearoa was the first modern democracy to give all women the vote. It shows in that three of our last five Prime Ministers have been women. While 23% of our people are first generation immigrants, everybody comes from cultures that voyaged to the ends of the Earth in great hardship to build something new.


Engineering Culture

We have a history of extraordinary achievement in fields that mix sport and technology. Due to our small population, all of our engineering cultures are of the skunk works variety, small teams, small budgets, and short time lines. We have the lightest regulatory burden in the OECD, especially for space. This gives us a tremendous structural cost advantage.

A Kiwi lead the launch of the first American satellite. We already have one orbital launch company.

William Pickering, Explorer 1 Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

William Pickering, Explorer 1
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


strategic Location

From a practical standpoint, Aotearoa is ideal geographically for the launch of very large dangerous objects into the air. There isn't a lot of traffic, there is a large amount of ocean, and we have stable weather all year.

Moreover a team based here won’t be co-opted by the existing space interests. Additionally, our international standing means that aggressive commercial use of space by companies based here will not be seen as a military threat or an extension of economic hegemony by any nation.


Why A Race?


The race has already begun

A race to achieve a specific undeniable level of performance can never be avoided. This is to our great advantage however. We want to be the underdog, we want scrutiny, we want competition.


We want everyone to be watching when we win.


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